Wayne Thiebaud: Cake Boxed Cards

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Wayne Thiebaud’s formidable talents run to a wide range of other subjects, including figure studies, “aerial” landscapes, and eerily vertiginous cityscapes, but the images selected for reproduction in this notecard set concentrate on his skewed, good-humoured, pensive take on the sweet stuff.
  • 20 blank notecards (5 each of 4 designs) with envelopes in a decorative box
  • Card size: 5 x 7 inches
  • Printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper
Contains five each of the following notecards:
Three Cupcakes, 2009
Cold Case, 2010–2013
Rosebud Cakes, 1991–1995 
Lemon Cake, c. 1983


About the Artist

Instantly recognizable for their sensuous texture and warm, luminous palette, Wayne Thiebaud’s images of cakes, pies, and other ubiquitous store-bought foods brought him to international prominence in the 1960s. His food paintings explore society’s fascination with, and ritualistic treatment of, certain culinary items; Thiebaud paints what he has called the “tattletale signs” of our culture.