SÁMI Bracelet

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Simple is beautiful. SÁMI is for you who prefer the minimalistic very traditional look. Sámi is a reminder to show great respect to heritage, family, Sámi culture, community, and the land. Remember who you are and where you come from. Honour your roots! We are stronger together, let's come together as one

  • Circumference: width: 0.8cm
  • Material: Naturally plant tanned reindeer leather, hand-twinned pewter with 4% sterling silver (nickel free), silver tag, and shed reindeer antler hand made buttons
  • Designed and made in Pemberton, BC by Anna Lengstrand


Anna Lengstrand merges her deep passion for traditional Sámi handcraft (doudji) into each piece of jewelry that she is hand making in her rural mountainside studio in Pemberton, BC. By combining the wisdom and methods of her ancestors and Sámi heritage, with her sense of contemporary design and sustainable fashion, Simply Sámi was born in February 2016. 


Care Note: Caring for your jewelry begins with being mindful of how to wear your pieces and when to take them off. Please always take off your Simply Sámi bracelet before showering, swimming or exercising as water and sweat deteriorates the leather. The spun pewter and sterling silver wire requires minimal care, and will flatten down and take on a silver-like shiny patina over time. You can polish the wire and silver tag with a soft cloth, and the leather can be cleaned with leather conditioning if very dirty

When you are not wearing the jewelry, keep the bracelets stored in its box or bag to keep them from exposure to outside element. Please keep the necklaces tied together tight, and leave them hanging from the leather part

Please be aware that a new Simply Sámi bracelet can feel a little stiff, but it quickly softens as you wear it. Same thing with the loop; it is made a little snug as the leather softens and the loop gets softer and slightly bigger after a few days of you wearing it