Diagram 17 Kandinsky Watch

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Drawing inspiration from a drawing of the same name by Wassily Kandinsky, designer Denis Guidone’s Diagram 17 watch is a little bit art history and a whole lot stylish. With influences stemming from Gestalt psychology, this watch alludes to the idea of understanding the ability to maintain meaningful perceptions in a chaotic world. By cutting out the archetypical numeric value of keeping time and focusing solely on design, this watch cuts through the clutter.

  • Black silicone band
  • Size: 40mm watch face


About the designer

For designer Denis Guidone, he finds beauty in the inspiration that arises between different cultures. Through his design studio based in Milan and Tokyo, Guidone finds the contrasting elements between Eastern and Western cultures fascinating, as he merges the aesthetics of the two extremes with unconventional and strict precision into elegant, eye-catching work.