Zombie Formalist Mug

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In conjunction with The Imitation Game: Visual Culture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, the Zombie Formalist has created an exclusive, limited-edition series of coffee mugs and coasters—based on the Gallery’s Store’s top-selling product types—with designs selected from the Zombie Formalist’s all-time top 20. Buy these unique Zombie Formalist products while supplies last! 

The Zombie Formalist generates a near limitless supply of abstract compositions and the audience determines which compositions are good through likes and retweets on Twitter. Exceptional compositions are made available as physical products.  

  • Each sold separately
  • Size: 3.2 inches in diameter, 4 inches high

Ben Bogart is a non-binary agender adisciplinary artist working for nearly two decades with generative computational processes (including physical modelling, chaotic equations, feedback systems, evolutionary algorithms, computer vision and machine learning) and has been inspired by knowledge in the natural sciences (quantum physics and cognitive neuroscience) in the service of an epistemological inquiry. Ben has produced processes, artifacts, texts, images and performances that have been presented at galleries, art festivals and academic conferences in Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Turkey, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Norway and Spain.