• Vikky Alexander: Extreme Beauty

  • $40.50

  • Vancouver Art Gallery and Figure 1 Publishing




    10" x 11.25"

    160 pages

    Authors: Daina Augaitis, Vincent Bonin, and Leah Pires


    Vikky Alexander: Extreme Beauty is a beautifully illustrated retrospective of nearly four decades of Alexander’s work. Since the 1980s, Alexander has made numerous series of photographs, montages, sculptures, collages and installations, all working to hone a vision that captures the spectacle and inherent falseness of certain public and private spaces. From the exaggerated architecture of Versailles, Disneyland and the West Edmonton Mall, to the use of idyllic “natural” settings and the skin-deep beauty of fashion models, she unravels the mechanisms of display that shape meaning and desire in our culture.

    Vikky Alexander: Extreme Beauty was published to accompany the exhibition organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery, and curated by Daina Augaitis, Interim Director, and presented from July 6 - October 27, 2019.