Tom Thomson

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Called "the art book of the year" and "a triumph of publishing" by the Sun Times, Tom Thomson is now available in paperback. Tom Thomson is one of the first major multi-authored books on this subject, and it has a critical edge that has been missing in the mostly celebratory, decorative works that have come before. The picture that emerges from the essays is complex, contradictory, sometimes even confused, but it's what is needed right now." (Globe and Mail)

In this lavishly illustrated, "comprehensive and compelling account of Tom Thomson's life and times" (Toronto Sun), six expertly written essays reveal the iconic Canadian artist and colleague of the Group of Seven from many different perspectives from his biography and work to the context of the period in which he lived.

This book was published in partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario.


Edited by Dennis Reid 
Contributions by Andrew Hunter, Anne Ruggles, Charles Hill, Dennis Reid, Joan Murray, John Wadland, Robert Stacey, Sandra Webster-Cook

392 pages
11 x 10 inches
ISBN 9781553654933
Douglas & McIntyre