Grandad Mandela

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Zazi and Ziwelene’s great-grandad is called Nelson Mandela. Once day, they ask their grandmother 15 questions about him and his life. As their conversation unfolds, Zazi and Ziwelene learn that Nelson Mandela was a freedom fighter, a President, and a Nobel Peace Prize–winner, and that they can carry on his work today.

Seen through a child’s perspective, authored jointly by Nelson Mandela's great-grandchildren and daughter, and published in collaboration with Mandela Legacy Media, this book brings Nelson Mandela’s incredible story alive for a new generation of children. For ages 4-7 years old.


By Zazi, Ziwelene and Zindzi Manela
Illustrated by Sean Qualls
40 pages
9.75 x 11.75 inches
ISBN 9781786031365
Frances Lincoln Children's Books