Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art: Volume 19, Number 4, July / August 2020

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Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art is the first English language journal to focus on Chinese contemporary art and culture. Each bi-monthly issue features scholarly essays on topical issues, interviews with artists and curators, conference proceedings, and critical commentary on exhibitions and books. Yishu offers a platform for a wide range of voices who are living and telling the story of contemporary Chinese art from a diversity of perspectives, and who provide dialogue and debate around current visual and literary forms produced within what constitutes an expanded understanding of contemporary Chinese art.

Inside this issue
Of Quarantines, Masks and How a Museum in Shanghai was Completed . . . and Continues to Be Redefined
by Julie Chun
p. 6
Points of Departure: Metahaven’s Eurasia (Questions on Happiness) and The Sprawl (Propaganda About Propaganda)
by Stephanie Bailey
p. 25
Cao Fei: Ghosts of Hongxia Theatre
by Kate Wong
p. 44
Disquiet Riot: The Gravity Behind the Insanity of Double Fly
by Rebecca Catching
p. 54
Experimental Material: Desire and Intimacy in the Work of Pixy Liao
by Luise Guest
p. 68
Stella Zhang’s Expressive Body
by Betti-Sue Hertz
p. 78
Zhang Peili: The Annual Report of OCD
by Karen Smith
p. 87
Meiqin Wang: Socially Engaged Art in Contemporary China
by Denisa Tomkova
p. 100