Squares & Other Shapes: with Josef Albers

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An introduction to shapes through the acclaimed art of Josef Albers.

The influential art of Josef Albers is used to teach shapes in this stylish read-aloud board book, which takes children through Albers' range of geometrics, one artwork per page, beginning with squares and returning to them as a familiar refrain throughout. The variance of colour, scale, and quantity adds to the richness of the visual arc, and the accompanying text provides a humorous and engaging commentary. Readers will not only learn their shapes, but also grow familiar with fine art in this second title in the 'First Concepts with Fine Artists' series. Includes a read-aloud ‘about the artist’ at the end.

Ages 1-3

30 pages
7 x 8.13 inches
ISBN 9780714872568
Board Book
Phaidon Press