• SALE! KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art

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    Vancouver Art Gallery, D&M, University of California Press




    276 pages

    7.25" x 10"

    Illustrations: 159 colour

    Editor: Bruce Grenville

    Contributors: Bruce Grenville, Tim Johnson, Kiyoshi Kusumi, Seth, Art Spiegelman, Toshiya Ueno, Will Wright


    The public’s appetite for comics, animated cartoons, anime, manga, graphic novels, and computer and video games is at an all-time high. KRAZY! is a celebration of the growing significance of this delirious visual culture. Organized into seven sections, one for each art form, the book highlights the greatest works of each genre as chosen by seven renowned practitioners. With energy and intensity the images leap off every page, enhanced by behind-the-scenes commentary by such heavyweights as Art Spiegelman, Will Wright and Canadian comic book illustrator, Seth. Other contributors include Tim Johnson, director of Antz and Over the Hedge; Kiyoshi Kusumi, a global authority on manga; and Toshiya Ueno, a highly regarded media theorist and critic.

    KRAZY! was published to accompany a landmark exhibition organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery, curated by Bruce Grenville and presented from May 17 to September 7, 2008.