Karin Bubaš - Garden of Shadows

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Garden of Shadows is an exploration of the artist’s ongoing Studies of Women in Landscapes series, featuring enigmatic photographs of women in remote outdoor settings, alongside her innovative photographic sculptures that layer images to depict West Coast forests and floral arrangements. Both types of work invite viewers to contemplate the hidden aspects of nature and human experience.

This Vancouver-based artist infuses photography with an air of intrigue, while deftly intertwining the ethereal and mundane. Her Studies of Women in Landscapes series draws inspiration from mysterious moments in modernist cinema. These images present solitary women within seemingly idyllic and apocalyptic settings extending from Canada to Iceland. The interplay between nature and culture comes alive through the carefully selected haute couture-inspired clothing worn by her models that echo the landscape’s tone and subtly contrast surrounding flora. The figure-landscape combinations in this exhibition are contrasted by a series of paper toles that are a return to an aesthetic exploration by Bubaš dating back twenty-five years.

This book includes an introduction by Dr. Curtis Collins, Director and Chief Curator of the Audain Art Museum, an essay by Shaun Inouye, artistic director of The Cinematheque, and an in-depth and personal interview with Douglas Coupland. 


158 pages
12 x 10 x 1 inches
ISBN 9781551521718
Audain Art Museum