Group of Seven: Permanent Stamps - Booklet of 7

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Commemorate a century of Canadian artistic identity with this booklet of seven PermanentTM domestic rate stamps from Canada Post's Group of Seven issue. 

Marking 100 years since the Group of Seven’s first show, this stamp series celebrates the indelible impact of these Canadian artists. The Group of Seven established a distinctively Canadian artistic style. Their paintings broke convention and forged a unique Canadian artistic identity - paving way for a century of Canadian artists to present their work on the world stage.

J.E.H MacDonald's, Church by the Sea is part of the Vancouver Art Gallery's permanent collection.

Issue Date May 7, 2020
Stamp Designer Lionel Gadoury, Matthew Killin, Andrew Conlon | Context Creative
Stamp Value PermanentTM (domestic rate)
Quantity Produced 180,000
Dimensions 40 mm x 36 mm