Artificial Intelligence and Architecture: From Research to Practice

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Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) encounter with Architecture is still in its infancy. However, current experiments and applications already are a testimony to their gradual intersection.

This book provides an introduction to the topic through the triple lens of History, Application, and Theory. A chronology of Architecture’s technological evolution first puts AI back in the context of the discipline. The author then presents a collection of AI’s applications in Architecture. The book finally gives the stage to contributors working at the forefront of this revolution. From Harvard to Foster & Partners, their perspectives provide a panorama of the discourse surrounding AI’s presence in the field.
Halfway between research and practice, this book offers to unveil the promise and challenges AI holds for Architecture.

  • Artificial intelligence as a planning tool for architects
  • From urban planning to floor plans
  • Potential of a new way of working.


By Stanislas Chaillou

176 pages
6.7 x 9.4 inches
ISBN 9783035624007