Emily Carr & Her Dogs: Flirt, Punk and Loo

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Emily Carr tells the story of her joys and tribulations raising Old English Sheep Dogs in Victoria -- especially Flirt, Punk and Loo -- from her decision to start a kennel to the sad day when she had to close it. In the 25 vignettes that make up the book, she brings the affection, loyalty and nature of dogs to life. Her writing is appealingly direct and honest, a breath of fresh air laced with humour and wry self-awareness.

Reproduced for the first time are 12 of Emily Carr's lively drawings of dogs, which she put together in an entertaining calendar depicting a year in the life of her dogs.


Written and illustrated by Emily Carr

96 pages
6.25 x 7 inches
ISBN 9781553650959
Douglas & McIntyre