Up the Creek

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There once was a bear, a moose, and a beaver who were the best of friends, though they often disagreed. So when the three friends go canoeing together one sunny day, it doesn't take long for them to start quarreling with one another. First, they can't decide who should get to steer the canoe. Later, they debate how best to get across a beaver dam that blocks their way. But when they can't agree on the proper course for maneuvering through the white-water rapids they suddenly find themselves in, the consequences become truly perilous. It takes a long, uncomfortable night spent stranded on a rock to remind the bear, the moose, and the beaver what they often forget: everything turns out better when they work together as a team.

This book is a picture book adventure for young children that will quickly become a favourite. The distinctive, simple, and playful artwork tells much of the tale on its own, with lots of visual humour in the characters' facial expressions and the numerous asides throughout. At its core, this is a fun, contemporary fable that champions the importance of teamwork, cooperation and communication while also promoting the joys to be found in nature. This book could serve as an introduction to discussions on animals and their environments as well.

By Nicholas Oldland
32 pages
8 x 8 inches
ISBN 9781771387989
Kids Can Press